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Where is the meeting point at Diagoras Airport?

If you choose as the pickup location Diagoras Airport, we will be waiting for you at the prepaid parking lot of the airport at the time of your pick up.

My hotel is not on your list with the available pickup locations. What do I do?

If you hotel is less than 15KM away from Rhodes city center choose the “-YOUR HOTEL IN RANGE OF 15 KM FROM RHODES CITY CENTER (PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT WITH THE HOTEL NAME)” option during the booking process. If you hotel is more than 15KM away from the city center choose the “-YOUR HOTEL IS MORE THAN 15KM AWAY FROM RHODES CITY CENTER)” option during the booking process. *Please rember on both cases to leave your hotel’s name on the comment section.

Do you deliver outside of the city of Rhodes?

Yes we do. Just let us know where would you like your moto delivered.

Are helmets included in the price?

Yes, 2 helmets are included in the rental price.

What type of insurance do you offer?

All scooters and motorcycles are fully insured. That means that in an accident with another vehicle you do not have to pay for anything. If, however, during the accident you were under the influence of alcohol or any other type of drugs, then the insurance will not cover any damages and you will have to pay for all damages.

What happens if my scooter or quad breaks down?

Don’t worry, give us a call and we will immediately come to fix the damage or give you a new vehicle.

How many kilometres i am allowed to do during my rental?

There is not any limitation. You can do as many kilometres as you like without any extra charges.

Which driving license do i need for driving your scooters?

  1.  For 50-75cc an AM driving license is required.
  2. For 125cc an A1 driving license is required.
  3. For 200c an A2 driving license is required.
  4. For over 200cc an A driving license is required.
  5. For a quad you need at least a B driving license.

I only have a B category driving licence. What type of moto can I drive?

You can only drive a quad.

Is there any storage space in the vehicles?

yes all vehicles come with a TOPBOX

What happens if I don’t want a TOPBOX?

Just let us know in the comments area and we will give you a vehicle with out a TOPBOX

Is any deposit necessary?

No, you don’t have to pay a deposit.

How do I pay?

You can pay online (Paypal, Credit Card, Viva Wallet) or with cash when you pick up your moto.

Is it safe to give my credit card number during the online booking?

Yes. All credit card transactions are handled by Paypal and Viva payments so it is safe to pay with your credit card online.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

  • If you cancel more than a week before of your pick up you will only have to pay for the VAT (24%) of the total rental price.
  • If you cancel one week before of your pick up you only pay the VAT (24%) plus another 10% of the rental price.
  • If you cancel the same day of your pick up a 50% fee of your total rental price applies.